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Hello, thanks for checking us out.

I introduce you the new website of Hot Apps Factory, a french start up specialized in iOS Apps. If you want to know more about our Apps, App Cooker or App Taster, go visit the products page. And i’m, Hugo, the young intern in charge of the launching of the blog!

We start this blog to share with you and the all internet community our interests or findings. As IT pros, we spend a lot of time on the internet to learn about the latest technologies. And as a team compose with four specialized people, we have a set of skills (mainly development, design, and communication) and a wish : share our kwowledge.

So, you will read on this blog some articles about design and also get freebies and tutorials. Also we will post about coding in objective-C or how to be efficient with social medias and even more. Finally, we want to get your feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to send us, to tweet us or to send an email. We are very reactive and we will answer you as fast as possible !!

Thanks for reading !!

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