The New Twitter Icon in Vector Format

The bubblicious new Twitter icon

Here is the new Twitter icon made in Ai CS6. It’s based on the circles that were supposedly used to create it. Simple, bubblicious and clean, this icon is ready for any kind of projects. I think it is improved, simplified and refined,  but I’m not just talking about graphics here. This little chap is still cute, but its stature now has a much greater air of confidence and intent.

It’s been sharpened but still retains the cutesy curves. It has now shed its duckling fluff and puppy fat curls, and in its place a bright, confident and proud adult has emerged. It’s uplifting and wants to encourage you to “speak up and out”. It’s broadcasting up and outward with vigor, enthusiasm and power. Just check the significant change in body language and position: let all hear me that want to hear me.

Great great work Twitter. Great work. This is a masterful refresh that is loaded to the hilt with positive meaning. This example shows, in the right hands of course, that a careful and sympathetic refresh of an existing logo mark can provide the most meaningful of results.


Click here to download the file

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