AppCooker and AppTaster takes place among the greats

AppCooker goes 1.5 and brings more than hundred improvements and new features. On the menu today, the support of the iPhone 5 screen size, the ability to add notes to each screens and the translation into 7 languages (french, german, simplified chinese, korean, spanish and russian). The overall stability has been greatly improved, some parts of AppCooker have been completely rewritten. AppTaster, the free companion on which you can play the mockup made on AppCooker is also getting the 1.5 badge.

Standing on a growing professional community, AppCooker let’s you create mockups of iPhone and iPad Apps, in both portrait and landscape, in retina quality. Apple, Disney, Electronic Arts and other big companies are currently using AppCooker on a daily basis. Since the launch of AppCooker, more than 1 million sessions have been made by the community, thats almost 250 000 projects created. Many are now available on the AppStore, we couldn’t be happier when we started this project.

This update is also the occasion to announce the introduction of a forum and new tutorials video to help new-comers to get ready in no time. The team is already on the bridge to cook up some new features as well as preparing the support of iOS7.

AppCooker is a paid application available on the AppStore. Running exclusively on iPad, this version supports iOS5, that means that the App runs on your good old iPad!

Design your Apps like a Chef with AppCooker!

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Here is the full list of what’s new inside the 1.5 version

– iPhone 5 support. Use the 4″ screens to design in portrait and landscape
– AppCooker has been translated into 7 new languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian
– Introducing Notepad, a simple way to keep track of things inside AppCooker
– Supporting Notes. Now you can add notes on any screen to share context with clients and coworkers
– New support with User Voice. Easier, faster, better
– New welcome interface
– New new project, the icon is not used anymore
– New highlight cursor in preview mode. Now it’s blue, and clearer
– Link to the online video tutorials available from the home screen
– Typos here and there, thanks for your feedback
– Fixing all keyboard management

Preview Screen:
– Bigger zoom available
– Get in a screen, copy some stuff, go out in a snap. No more saving when nothing has been changed
– Allow the user to rename a screen directly from the reorder menu

– Improved Play button
– Button in iPad play mode to simulate iPad mini size

– Number of iOS devices updated with latest figures
– Exporting Pricing as PDF in an email is working now

App Icon tool
– Mark as default Icon is now available

Graphic Editor:
– Add notes to any screen
– Improving performances
– Improved UNDO and REDO
– Updated Picto library, it’s now pixel perfect and available for you in a pack on
– Fixed an issue with images inside button
– Fixed bug with image import from Box
– Fixed a bug when copy/paste an image from Safari
– Fixed an issue with the back button on navigation bars
– Fixed the Table View crash in iOS 5
– Fixed a bug with Modal View in wireframe
– Fixed a bug with Button wireframe border
– Fixing a bug with tint bars color
– Fixed bug on ActionSheet and NavigationBar
– Fixed the bug that could messed up the z index when multiple objects are copied / pasted
– Fixed a potential crash in image picker
– Fixed a bug on Simple Line Text and Text Area + Auto-Resize Button
– Fixed a bug when pasting images that aren’t available
– Fix a lot of bugs on colors undo system
– Fixed a bug with the height of a row in Table Views.
– Fixed, the Slider and Progress View in wireframe were broken
– Fixed a bug with the back button
– Fixed a bug with changing Smart Back to Normal Link

– Export the map screen as a PDF (yes, we did it)
– Now there is a thin and light stroke around the screens in the PDF
– Allow icon, store info and pricing parts to be unselected from AppTaster export
– Overwrite in Dropbox works perfectly now
– Export button don’t disappear on Box and Dropbox anymore
– Fixed a bug when exporting to Dropbox two times in a row

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